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To a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

The numismatic world rang in the new year with some hot auctions and sales! Setting a record for an NGC graded example, a 1968-S Kennedy graded PF68 Star Ultra Cameo sold in auction on Rare Collectibles TV for $700! Additionally, we were able to place one of the finest known Proof Barber Half dollars: a 1907 in PF 68 Cameo- highest grade and finest known for its year! 2 of the finest known Morgan Dollars, an 1890 and 1896 in PF 69 Star Ultra Cameo, have found a new home with one of our clients. And finally, we placed the 1901-S Morgan in 65 Plus Star DPL as well- another finest known for its year!
This issue is full to the brim with irreplaceable coins, including 46 Everest examples! These are the crème de la crème in eye-appeal and rarity for their issue!! 
10 years ago, I wrote about the popularity of both Franklin & Kennedy half dollars in the NGC & PCGS registries. Today, the Franklin & Kennedy half dollars remain, by an immense margin, the most popular Half Dollar registry sets, but how do the numbers compare to 10 years ago? 
Back in 2013, there were just over 2,400 Franklin half dollar registry sets in both Mint State and Proof between NGC and PCGS. Today, that number grew to a MAMMOTH 6,862!! Nearly triple the number of sets!  If you’re looking to compete in the registry, there’s no better way than with one of my RT Die variety Ultra Cameo Franklins. In recognition of the quality and rarity of these RT Die varieties, NGC awards additional registry points to each certified example! 
Or if Kennedy half dollars are what you’re interested in, just look at how the popularity of the series has exploded over the last ten years. 
·        2013 total number of Registry sets 2,500
·        2023 total number of Registry sets 8,855!!!!
The popularity of the series and registry sets have DRAMATICALLY increased over the last ten years. The ranks of collectors assembling superb Franklin half dollar sets will continue to grow. At the same time, collectors who are acquiring finest known specimens now will be in an enviable position as we advance through the coming decade. This is the decade of the Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollar Series!
Warmest Regards,
Rick Tomaska