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A Revolutionary New Holder from NGC of tremendous benefit to collectors of Franklin half dollars!


I have been working with NGC for about two years with the goal being to design a holder that would be reserved only for those Franklin half dollars which offered the greatest eye-appeal and quality for their respective grade!

If the coin is graded PF 67, PF 68, or PF 67: it should be an attractive, deeply mirrored, haze-free, spot-free, and overall beautiful gem with all the eye-appeal of a coin fresh off the die!

If the coin is an MS 65, MS 66, or MS 67: it should exhibit either lustrous, fully brilliant surfaces with minimal bagmarks for the grade; if toned, it should have beautiful and attractive color toning!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, NGC agreed to offer separate population tables for these exclusive Franklin half dollars!!!

The Franklin half dollars encapsulated in these stunning, custom "We The People" holders will represent a small percentage of the total NGC populations for the dates and grades. Depending on the date, I would estimate these exclusive coins will comprise no more than 10% to 30% of the total NGC populations!!! In the long term, this will significantly benefit the owners of these rare Franklins!

For example, the current 1950 Franklin NGC PF 67 population is 360 coins. If I had the opportunity to review every single 1950 Franklin certified PF 67 by NGC, I would estimate only approximately 100 examples would be "We The People" quality!

The current 1949-D Franklin NGC MS 65 FBL population is 233 coins. The great majority of these examples display unattractive mint set toning. I would estimate at most 50 - 75 of those 233 coins exhibit either attractive brilliant surfaces, or attractive color toning worthy of the "We The People" holder!

AND THE CHERRY ON TOP... This additional quality guarantee from us at NO additional cost to you!

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-Rick Tomaska