A selection of articles by Rick:

1. Frequently used Terms in Numismatics.  A quick guide of commonly used terms by coin collectors.

2. Grading Services: What is a "Certified Coin"?  Who certifies it?  What does it mean?  Rick tackles all this and more in this article about third-party grading services.

3. Cameo Coins: What is a "Cameo Coin"?  Rick covers what makes a coin cameo, and the differences in cameo coins between different dates. 

4. Cameo Picture Grading Set: Visual examples of each level of cameo designations.

5. History Of Modern Cameo Coins: A brief history of modern cameo coinage.

6. Absolute vs Condition Rarity: A brief description of the differences between absolute and condition rarity.

Featured Coins:

Rick's Youtube Videos:

1. Buy The Coin Not The Holder: The first video in an ongoing informational series.

2. Buy The Coin Not The Holder- Part 2 Eye Appeal:  The second video in the series, focusing on eye appeal.