Mint State Aspiration Kennedy Examples Are Here!

Mint State Aspiration Kennedy Examples

A Window of Opportunity for You…

We are FINALLY offering them!!!

"What??” you ask???

1971 and later MINT STATE Kennedy half dollars in gem MS 65 and higher condition, of course!!!

These 1971 and later mint state Kennedy half dollars are a lot of work to acquire in gem condition folks - especially the first 30 or so years of the series in clad condition.

To date, virtually all our Kennedy half dollar listings have either been the proof coins, or the 1964 - 1970 silver issues in mint state. That is all about to change!

Beginning this issue, we now have some gem MS 65 and higher grade 1971 and later Kennedy half dollars, with many more dates to follow in coming issues.

These mint state Kennedy half dollars are also what is holding up the final stages of the "Encyclopedia of Franklin and Kennedys”. The mint state Kennedy half dollars are still being struck, and there are currently over 100 different dates and mint marks in the mint state and SMS series- that’s a LOT of ground to cover!

This series deserves a lot of attention. A lot more attention than what was given in my earlier Whitman books!

They are now getting the attention they deserve!!!

These coins are true sleepers. Few people saved the 1971 and later Kennedy half dollars in mint state as they no longer had any silver content! As a result, most uncirculated examples struck in the 20th century are from mint sets, and the coins in original mint sets are typically very baggy - of course some years and mints more than others.
For example, in the earliest 1971 - 1974 Kennedy years the Denver mint coins are of generally higher quality than the Philly issues.
In the first clad year, 1971, the 1971-D is relatively easy to locate in MS 65, while the 1971-P is considerably more elusive.
In MS 66, the 1971-P is extremely scarce! The 1971-D semi-scarce.
In MS 67, the 1971-P is quite RARE!. The 1971-D SCARCE!
In MS 68, the 1971-P is currently non-existent! The 1971-D is VERY RARE!
The only Kennedy mint state issues which are relatively easy to locate in MS 68 are the SMS issues beginning in 2005!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, virtually all our mint state Kennedy half dollar offerings will be in the Kennedy Aspiration Holder.

This is a GREAT series for the collector of today! There are SO MANY dates in the series that are SO EXTREMELY scarce or RARE, and yet are typically priced well under $500!!!

Please contact Caitlin or I regarding the Kennedys listed at 1-800-753-2646, or at caitlin@ricoins.com. If you want to get on a WANT LIST for any TOP QUALITY mint state Kennedy half dollars you need to complete your collection, we’re here to get you started!
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                                                                                    Rick Tomaska                                                   
                                                                                    Caitlin Tomaska                                                                                     


We have a limited selection of these exceptional, cherry picked ASPIRATIONAL Mint State Kennedys! We are not posting each year and grade on our website as we normally do with our items because we wanted to cut down on the labor costs of posting these items. The goal is for us to pass the savings down to you, our clients! This is a fantastic opportunity to get a hold of these sleeper half dollars at a low price that will not last long!
If you are interested in any of these phenomenal MS Kennedys, please email us at caitlin@ricoins.com, or call us at 1-800-753-2646!

Price NGC Pop
1967 SMS KENNEDY NGC MS 67 STAR $90 342
1971-D KENNEDY NGC MS 65 $39 365
1971-D KENNEDY NGC MS 66 $59 598
1977-P KENNEDY NGC MS 65 $59 139
1977-P KENNEDY NGC MS 66 $89 273
1981-P KENNEDY NGC MS 66 $89 227
EVEREST 1981-P KENNEDY NGC MS 67 $519 28
1981-D KENNEDY NGC MS 65 $59 37
1988-D KENNEDY NGC MS 66 $79 257
EVEREST 1988-D KENNEDY NGC MS 67  $119 173
1992-P KENNEDY NGC MS 66 $49 116
1992-P KENNEDY NGC MS 67 $129 75
1999-D KENNEDY NGC MS 66 $59 142
2000-P KENNEDY NGC MS 65 $39 27
2003-D KENNEDY NGC MS 65 $39 106
2003-D KENNEDY NGC MS 66 $59 148
2013-D KENNEDY NGC MS 66  $49 85
2013-D KENNEDY NGC MS 66 PL $95 15
2019-P KENNEDY NGC MS 65 $29 55
2019-P KENNEDY NGC MS 66 $39 30
2019-P KENNEDY NGC MS 67 $79 234