Want List

If you are striving to build a top quality set, the "Want List" service is the way to go!

With the intense competition for top quality U.S. coinage, many of the very finest frequently do not even make it to a newsletter - clients who have these coins on a "Want List" get the first opportunity to acquire them.

I would encourage all who are looking for the finest, most eye-appealing rarities to utilize this service with me.

BONUS - You will not only get the coin you have been searching for, but you will also save $$$$$$$ - AT LEAST 15% off the normal list price. If I know I have an immediate sale and do not have to inventory the coin, or advertise it, I pass the savings along to YOU!

Please note: High grade Proof Franklins minted between 1950 and 1954 and all Franklin Half Dollars in MS 64 FBL can only be discounted 5%

Please submit your want list and Contact Info, you will receive a response within 48 hours

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